The RT Project Exchange is RT Consulting’s web based forum, designed to facilitate networking amongst the RT Society, whether permanently employed or engaged as an associate. We encourage the RT Society to share information, ideas and best working practices as well as suitable documentation. This could be practical information around accommodation and travel, best practice including the sharing of non-confidential documents and templates. The exchange gives a forum to those invited into the RT Society where you can share ideas and information as well as share in each other's success and help prevent failures. Once you have been interviewed and accepted as a member for the RT Society you will be provided with login information.

Project Exchange


The RT Society is an invited group of members, whether permanently employed or Associates, who share our values, our vision and want to join in sharing knowledge and experience for the benefit of all

We're always keen to speak with people equally enthusiastic about delivering tangible, long lasting change to our clients and especially interested in meeting those who can demonstrate capability across our core areas.

As part of the RT Society you will receive a dedicated Project Account Manager whilst deployed and a regular point of contact keeping you abreast of the latest capability requirements, should you find yourself 'on the bench'. We hold regular networking events, meet-ups and socials for the team, programme or industry specific or group wide. We are always interested in your feedback - how can we improve our service and the value we are bringing to the RT Society?