Starting A New Job During Lockdown

Hannah Porter | 08.06.2020

As I sit in my dining room, after completing my six week review with my manager, I have been reflecting back to how crazy starting a new job solely from home sounded to me at the very beginning, but also what an encouraging experience it has been so far.

I received my job offer from RT Consulting during lockdown, over the moon I created my desk space on the dining table. Before I knew it, without the tense first day commute but still with first day emotions, I met my colleagues for the first time on Microsoft Teams!

Testament to the team at RT Consulting, everyone was so welcoming, instantly helping me to feel at ease and involved in the exciting programmes they are working on. I feel very fortunate that RT Consulting have constructed an innovative and practical onboarding process, carefully tailored to the nature of remote working. Added to that, the power of Microsoft Teams, enabling team meetings, individual video calls, and the ability to share screens has made it much easier than I ever anticipated.

I thought I would share how I have been making the very best of a very unusual situation:

Be proactive

It is an important time to become creative and resourceful with what you can do during your training and remote situation. Do as much as you can to get yourself up to speed with your new role, the processes and not forgetting the office jargon. Find ways to introduce your own style of learning and work with it, adapt and overcome every step of the way.

Ask the stupid questions

When there is a lot to learn, of course there will be lots of questions, the norm would be to turn to the person next to you. I know from this experience, being sat in a room alone can be daunting at times of confusion, however I have bit the bullet and just asked the question – sometimes having a quick video call just to have that face to face conversation really puts you at ease. I could not ask any more from my new team members on this one, their support gives you the strength, do not be afraid to get things wrong or ask for help!

Get involved

If you think too much about it, at first it can be strange interacting with a team you have never actually met, but my advice would be to get totally involved. RT Consulting are a social bunch, which I am delighted about! Not only for when we are back together in the office, but during this time there have been plenty of opportunities to have informal after-work pubs/quizzes to get to know my team on a more personal level.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Remember to be patient - something I am probably not so good at! I have learnt that your team and management know that you are adjusting, just as they are, everyone is in the midst of a crisis together!

RT Consulting and my Line Manager have been great at reminding me that this is a new experience for us all, and we are all adjusting to a different pace of learning.

Be positive

It is not an easy or average situation for either party involved, although it can still be a positive one! I understand it can sometimes be easy to be negative when you are sat on your own, but I have found being able to reach out to my manager and new team members has really helped me move forward in those times and remember that we are a team, a virtual one – for now!

One thing is for certain, no matter how positive this situation has been, I will never underestimate the power of face-to-face learning and office hussle.

It's Possible.